Growing Entrepreneurship

With EntreComp

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* Self-awareness and self-efficacy 
* Motivation and perseverance 
* Mobilizing resources
* Financial and economic literacy
* Mobilizing others.

A growth mindset is the underlying beliefs that orient

behaviors and a way of thinking - a learned cognitive

model that is acquired slowly and subtly, over a long

period of time as the result of experiences. A growth

mindset, versus a fixed mindset, consists of the set of

attitudes, skills and behaviors that individuals need to 

succeed, not only in entrepreneurship but also personally,\

academically and professionally. These include: initiative

and self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability,

creativity and innovation, critical  thinking and problem

solving. Other definitions include the ability to see

opportunities, marshal  resources and create value.  

​​The EntreComp Open Badge Platform will serve as a

common support system for qualification transparency of

skills acquired during training. Digital badges will be issued

and available for download upon completing the three

components of training: EntreComp Entrepreneurship

Education,Inquiry-Based Learning and Acquiring a

Growth Mindset. 

Our entrepreneurship training course aims at training educators, instructors and staff of

both formal and informal learning environments to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs

at any age and in any stage of life. The five-day course is divided into four phases:
     (1)  Exploring entrepreneurship in all dimensions

     (2)  EntreComp - the European Commission's framework for entrepreneurship

     (3)  Nurturing problem-solvers through the inquiry-based learning process

     (4)  Acquiring a growth mindset

Entrepreneurship Training Course


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* Self-awareness and self-efficacy 
* Motivation and perseverance 
* Mobilizing resources
* Financial and economic literacy
* Mobilizing others.

* Spotting opportunities 
* Creativity 
* Vision 
* Valuing ideas
* Ethical and sustainable thinking

We have embraced EntreComp as its foundational basis,

to translate the concept of “entrepreneurship” into a model 

with which it is possible to speak about entrepreneurship in

a universal way. EntreComp supports a methodology and

 corresponding tool that allows the competency elements 
in the area of knowledge, attitude and skills to be measured. 

The results are the starting point for the further development 

of the underlying competencies and associated indicators.

Entrepreneurship is thus made transparent and under-

standable. ​ Assessments and evaluations determine whether

learners have acquired the competences and skills needed

​for successful entrepreneurship. 

​​Inquiry-Based Learning is real world learning in problem-

solving that complements entrepreneurship education for

knowledge deepening. Real world learning supported by

our training model offers a holistic and flexible approach to

learning in preparation for acquiring 21st Century skills

needed in the workforce, in entrepreneurship and for

success throughout the education continuum. RWL is

often referred to as Phenomenon or Experietial Learning -

and is based on the the same problem-solving methods

used in scientific communities. This is the systemic changes

needed to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to problem-
solving that leads toward understanding core concepts more

thoroughly, unlocking creativity and acquiring the ​skillsets so

important in entrepreneurship.

EntreComp is made up of three areas each with five competences that should be mastered

in pursuit of successful entrepreneurship:

​​EntreComp training is conducted via the Community of

Practice, where we empower our trainers to rethink the skills

they have or need to acquire to bring our vision to life: "A

world in which every learner can acquire the entrepreneurial

skills needed to be alert and responsive to change and 
capable of designing and implementing new solutions to

complex problems."


Our entrepreneurship training model

consists of four components: