Facilitaties networking and sharing good practices

between actors such as intermediary stakeholders,

in order to improve the support effectively delivered

to women entrepreneurs and to motivate more women

to start their own business or to support the development

of their business across Europe. CBAWE also facilitates stakeholders

themselves with the management, update and promotion of the digital

platform for the project. The project is led by the Ajuntament d'Alzira

(Spain) with the participation of Global Skills Network (Spain), Kaunas

University of Technology (Lithuania), Lesprojekt s.r.o. (Czech Republic),

Smart & Lean (Finland), 

A member of the Global Skills Network

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An ENI CBCMed project  bringing together 13 partners​ in nine

countries with high youth unemployment and underemployment -

people who may have a job but not in the field in which they

have professional qualifications. EYENEET partners support

the recruitment, retention and training for young people ages

18-28 in EntreComp entrepreneurship education in the EU

(Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece) and the Mediterranean

region (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia)

Platform for entrepreneurs to come together to grow

in network, create their entrepreneurial ventures, share
their experiences and visions, and find like-minded collaborators
to co-create solutions to the SDGs - the Global Goals. The

platform's Community of Practice exists in a series of resource

nodes located throughout the world that serve to support EntreComp

training via e-learning mechanisms. www.OnePlan4OnePlanet.org


A project submitted to COSME from the European Commission

brings together ten partners in six countries most vulnerable

to losing young professionals who leave their regions for more

prosperous regions and where there are more jobs. The project creates a series of resource nodes strategically located in those areas

projected to lose 10% of their population base n the next five

years in the ​hardest hit areas of the Baltic region.  The project

was led by Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) with 

public/private partnerships in five countries and the participation 

Escola de Comercio de Lisboa for the e-learning component of

​the project:

Entrepreneurship ​education and training taking place within

institutional partnerships is the most effective way of spurring

​economic development, creating jobs and supporting the growth

of new businesses.  Consider these examples:

Growing Entrepreneurship

With EntreComp

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Will brings together 60 tourism-related SMEs in ten

countries through a series of regional hubs that

support a community of practice for tourism that

trains practitioners on the principles of entrepreneurship

​for the industry.

SPAIN:  Ajuntament d'Alzira (Valencia)

Global Skills Network (Catalonia)

ITALY:  Citta de Catania (Sicilia)

Consorzio O.P.U.S. (Puglia)

ROMANIA:  Harghita County Council (Translyvania)

Harghita Community Development Association

TURKEY:  Turkish Ministry of Education and

Ankara Provincial Directorate for Family and Social Services