The RN-KCET consortium is led by the Municipality of

Corinthion (Greece). Resource nodes are assumed 

under the operations of the consortium partners in

GREECE - Korinthia Chamber of Commerce & Industry

SPAIN - Global Skills Network, Barcelona

FINLAND - Smart & Lean, Lahti

​CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech Center for Science & Society

PORTUGAL - Escola de Comercio, Lisboa and 

Institute IPR in Northern Portugal

BULGARIA - Regional Cluster "North-East", Varna

ROMANIA - Community Development Association, Harghita

TURKEY - Ministry of Education, Ankara

​This positions our partners as intermediary stakeholders in their own right, consolidating training and access to 

knowledge in a one-stop, centralized resource center in each of our partner countries that also serve as regional 
hubs of support for cross-border collaboration. ​​The project supports actions that transform
project Associates -

tourism-related SMEs -  into valuable investment targets,help them create jobs that contribute to local economic

development, support them as they engage in new market spaces, capacitate them as suppliers in supply chains

through sustainable practices, and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, among others.

RN-KECT provides the means to improve SME competitiveness and sustainability by:
     • providing business support to SMEs and start-ups 
     • hosting a digital knowledge platform to share research, best practice,

       socio-economic data and market intelligence for relevance and

    • promoting opportunities for mobility and knowledge-seeking

      visits among partners and their associates 
    • networking, coaching and mentoring to make sense of insights,

      innovations, solutions and best practices as well as available

      resources that help them grow.

Resource Nodes for Knowledge Exchange, Collaboration and Training

(RN-KCET) aims to build knowledge and empower tourism stakeholders

to take necessary action to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable

tourism sector through entrepreneurship. The project aims to develop and

put in place transnational and cross-sectoral support that builds capacity

for sustainable growth of SMEs in the tourism sector. Our consortium of

ten partners from throughout Europe will a Knowledge Exchange Platform

that acts as a gatekeeper to knowledge that can incentivize SMEs to

optimize their sustainability. The resulting network facilitating these

outcomes takes shape through the creation of resource nodes strategically 

located in areas that are in most need of supporting growth phases and

technological change and overcoming obstacles toward gaining market

share of an industry whose receipts add up billions of EUR.

Promoting a greater engagement of the tourism sector with sustainable development aimed at accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals through tourism

An open call for proposals will identify promising ideas and actions toward

sustainability for 60 SMEs that constitute innovative solutions to challenges

faced in the industry that might prevent their growth and stunt their development

toward sustainability. Actions aim to boost capacity of tourism SMEs through

transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer and by cooperating with

providers of sustainable solutions for training and workshops.  

The entrepreneurship education component of the project aims to

capacitate SME owners as competent entrepreneurs, public body/

public-private partnership personnel as competent intrapreneurs,

and project Associates as a whole as extrapreneurs, able to

collaborate to transform ideas and opportunities into products

and services through EntreComp, the European Commission’s

framework for entrepeneurship education and training, aimed at

enhancing their sustainability.  

The Community of Practice component supports the

project’s web of knowledge and the axis of communication

between partners and among participants. The

Community of Practice is a digital knowledge platform

hosting a centralized repository of literature and other

information aimed at helping its members grow and

become sustainable while becoming familiar with the Global Goals – the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Community of Practice reinforces regional cooperation and peer learning in entrepreneurial learning, education and training in a structured manner. 

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