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EYENEET is a cross-border collaboration of 13 partners from ten countries in the Mediterranean aiming to facilitatie the acquisition of  marketable  workplace skills

and entrepreneurship competences through EntreComp. The 

project was conceptualized by EYE - The E-Incubator for Young

Entrepreneurs where unique curricula and coursework was 

developed to be delivered via e-learning mechanisms, thus 

removing geographical barriers to accessing learning..

                          EYENEET's targeted project beneficiaries

                             of NEETs - young people ages 18-28 not

                                in education, employment or training with

                                   a special effort placed on recruiting women 

                                  and the disabled to the project. EYENEET  

                                 focuses its efforts on bringing together stakeholders

                                to engage in dialogue around the NEET-related issues

                                   of youth unemployment  and underemployment,

                              sustainable employment and entrepreneurship.  

Entrepreneurship training for skills and competences demanded by 21st Centruy

Employers and critical for becoming a successful entrepreneur

  Ajuntament d'Alzira, Lead Applicant

  Global Skills Network, Consortium Administrators

  Catholic University San Antonio de Muria

   Escola de Comercio de Lisboa


   International Centre for Sustainable Develop

   Egypt-Japan University of Science & Technology

   Egyptian National Research Centre

  Jordan University of Science & Technology

  Jordan Valley Center for Comprehensive Develoipment


Municipality of Menjez
Lebanese Development Network

Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy

The EYENEET training model focuses on trainees acquiring 
Knowledge Economy skills for the 21st Century and beyond 
that would sustain them through their journey toward gainful
employment and/or successful entrepreneurship to start a
business. These same skills can also improve their 
employability in the 21st Century workforce prepared with 
skills demanded by employers -  capabilities for analytical 
problem-solving, innovation and creativity, self-direction 
and initiative, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking, and 
skills in being able to communicate, work in teams and 
collaborate. These will empower them to become problem-
solvers, able to look at situations from different perspectives.
They become skilled at defining a problem to consider its 
causes towards identifying, prioritizing and selecting 
alternatives for its solution. The project attempts to define 
what entrepreneurship means to our beneficiaries in 
attaining ​marketable skills.

Their foray into the world of entrepreneurship will support 
them in developing valued products and services that fulfill 
a need. Likewise, beneficiaries who want to get a job
become equipped with skills in demand by the 21st 
Century workforce of the Knowledge Age. Those wanting to
return to formal education or vocational training will bring new
​skills for knowledge deepening and knowledge creation.

EYENEET mentors are experienced in the material being
taught, and guide trainees through the training modules, 
delivered via e-learning methodologies. They also liaison 
with local resources that will support beneficiaries on the 
pathway to entrepreneurship, employment or a return to 
formal education and/or vocational training


EYENEET - Combating Youth Unemployment in the Mediterranean

Growing Entrepreneurship With EntreComp