A Growth Mindset

A Community of Practice is

designed to link educators -

teachers, instructors, mentors,

principals, other faculty,

technicians and technology

staff - to share resources from

a virtual space available via

the Internet.  The Community of

Practice connects its members

to network, share experiences

in teaching and learning, as

well as overcoming challenges

presented in the classroom,

gain access to academic

literature, best practice and

other archived maerial, and

engage in ongoing  professional

development.  The Community of Practice also serves as as a centralized resource 
for data collection and information exchange toward enhancing the monitoring and evluation systems of strategies and programmes.

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The Building Blocks of Employability

​and Entrepreneurship

The EntreComp Education and Training Model for Acquiring Knowledge  Economy Skills serves as the

foundational basis to address the challenges associated with a disconnect with what formal education

teaches to pursue a career and what the labour market requires in terms of skills and competences

needed in the workforce. It also provides a pathway to jobcreation and/or entrepreneurship for young

people who are not employed, in education or training (NEETs) and reverses the emigration trends of

young professionals leaving Kosovo for more prosperous regions and where there are more jobs and

opportunities for prosperity. Finally, it provides the framework for empowering any individual at any age

and in any stage of life to embark on the journey toward becoming an entrepreneur, social extrapreneur

or intrapreneur while helping micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises drive their digital transformation

to benefit from unprecedented new opportunities that are crucial for their competitiveness and growth in

an ability to create jobs and contribute to a region's economic development.  The model promotes

entrepreneurship as a driver of local economic growth and job creation while addressing urgent

development challenges seen as being addressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development

Goals – “the Global Goals”.  “The Building Blocks of Enhanced Employability" is proposed by a

consortium of education and training organizations and SMEs from the European Union partnering

with public, private and nonprofit entities from Kosovo to create a series of resource nodes throughout

the country for training and other actions foundationally based on the EntreComp framework

for a practical application to the Future of Work and Industry 4.0 jobs.

Inquiry-Based Learning


* EntreComp is the European Commission's framework for acquiring competences for success

in entrepreneurship in all its dimensions: transfoming ideas into products and services of value.

Fifteen modules around the competences and skills promoted by EntreComp are delivered

via distance learning
*  Real-world inquiry-based learning complements EntreComp for a total learning experience in

problem solving via knowledge-building pedagogy for computer-supported collaborative learning
* A growth mindset is an important requirement for achieving success as an entrepreneur and

for becoming an effective problem solver

 Improving labour market access in Kosovo

Of disadvantaged groups through social 
enterprises and active labour market measures

EntreComp Training

Growing Entrepreneurship

With EntreComp

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